Richline Finance Limited


  1. Grant of Loan is expressly conditioned on Borrower’s assent to these Terms and Conditions (“T&C”). Any acceptance of Lender’s loan facility is expressly limited to these T&C. No document uploaded or document solely signed by Borrower shall modify these T&C. The Lender may amend the T&C after prior notification to the Borrower and such amended T&C will thereupon apply to the Borrower.


     “Amounts Due” shall mean the principal Loan Amount together with Interest and Delayed Interest and other amounts due and payable by Borrower to Lender in terms of these T&C;

     “Applicable Law” shall mean any Indian statute, law, acts of the state legislature or Indian Parliament, regulation, ordinance, rule, judgment, order, decree, bye-laws, clearances, directives, guidelines, policy requirement, or any governmental restriction or any similar form of decision of, or determination by, or any interpretation or administration having the force of law in India of any of the foregoing, by any government authority having jurisdiction over the matter in question, whether in effect as of the date of this Contract or thereafter, and includes any laws, notification, circulars, ordinances, byelaws, rules whatsoever.

    Borrower” shall mean any individual who avails a Loan through the Richline Finance Limited.

    Business Day” means the days on which the Lender is open for business during normal business hours.

     “Contract” shall include these T&C, various Policies of Lender and User Terms and Conditions as may be amended and modified from time to time.

     “Disbursement” means any and every amount advanced to, and borrowed by, the Borrower under the Loan.

    “Date of Disbursement” shall mean the date when Lender disburses or gives instruction to his bank for remittance of Loan Amount to Borrower irrespective of whether the Loan Amount is credited to the account of the Borrower on such date;


    “Default” means non-payment of Loan Amount and/or any amount due to Vender.


    “Due Date” means in respect of any amount payable under any Loan, the date on which such amounts falls due in terms of the contract; and if such date falls on a day which is not a Business Day, on the immediately preceding Business Day.

     “Loan” or “Loan Amount” shall mean the facility availed by the Borrower and sanctioned by the Lender, from time to time.


    “Lender” shall mean Richline Finance Limited (Herein after referred as “Lending NBFC”), and where the Loan is assigned shall mean any entity to whom the Loan is assigned by Lender.

    Loan Repayment:  All the loan should be repay as per the repayment schedule. If the borrower miss to repay the loan as per scheduled date, then its borrowers liability to pay with penalty as per T&C. Lender reserves the right to change the amount of Penalty Fee at any time.


    Processing Fees, Commission and Other Payments:


    The Borrower shall be liable to pay the Lender processing fee plus GST, for each category of all loan period, as per slabs given below (“Processing Fee”). Lender reserves the right to change the amount of Processing Fee at any time.