Regulation, Guideline and Return Policy

Regulation - Objective and Scope of this Policy

 1.1 Richline Finance Limited (RFL / the Company) is registered with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a non-deposit accepting NBFC. Being an NBFC, it has to comply with Guidelines / Directions issued by RBI from time to time. The Company’s Loan Policy is the framework, which defines the principles for retail lending business. The Company shall duly implement and keep the Loan Policy including the Appendices and any amendments thereto up to date, in accordance with any regulatory, corporate or other legal requirements.

 1.2 The objectives of this Policy are as below:

  1. a) To create a set of standardized policies and procedures for the lending activities of RFL.
  2. b) To institute due diligence for mitigating level of credit risks and improve credit quality.
  3. c) To define overall risk appetite.
  4. d) To establish underwriting framework- including maximum credit limits, risk limits, etc.
  5. e) To ensure thorough loan appraisal and proper monitoring of all outstanding loans. This includes both; supervision of outstanding loans as well as recovery of overdue loans. This Loan policy provides an overall description of all stages of the lending process.

1.3 In pursuing its business, RFL will operate according to the highest ethical and compliance standards and constantly seek to follow best practices in the industry. Under no circumstances will contravention of laws and relevant regulations would be tolerated.