About Us

Richline Finance Ltd was incorporated in 1991

Under Indian companies act 1956, and registered with RBI as NBFC (Non Banking Finance Company). The Company is into lending, Individual loans to like minded business people and MSME loans from Rs 25,000 to 100,000.

MSME loans are offered to startup owners, small business owners and women entrepreneurs on a short-term basis and have some minimum eligibility requirements in order to reduce the risk for lenders. We use financial data analytics to calculate the best available interest rates. There is no manual intervention in the whole process and hence the rate you get is fair and as per your business’s ability to repay the MSME.

MSME loans give you ample time and options to repay your business loan easily.
Additionally, you have the option to repay in monthly/Weekly/bi-weekly instalments. This allows you to repay your debt in sync with your account’s receivables.

Benefits of MSME;

  • Move quickly from planning to execution
  • Remain in control of your business
  • Manage your company capital better
  • Raise your credibility in the market

We also provide micro small loans exclusively to poor women in urban and rural Tamil Nadu. These loans are granted to borrowers essentially for use in their small businesses and a small portion for personal consumption. These borrowers do not have often access to loans from traditional banks or financial institutions and generally borrow from private lenders.

We adopt a joint liability group model to provide unsecured loans to our members. This model ensures credit discipline through weekly/Bi-Weekly/monthly mutual support, and peer pressure to make sure individual members are diligently utilizing the loan and are prompt in repaying their loans.

The authorized, issued and paid up capital of the company is Rs.3 Crores.The capital has
beensubscribedby eight shareholders and around 95% of the shares are held by the promoters


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